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24 Hour Hot Line

We take pride in offering traditional personal service with hi-tech products. Our telephone banking service is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, with voice recognition or touch-tone capabilities.

Let the friendly voice guide you through the options. It's that simple and another free service from us. You can transfer funds and make loan payments via the automated 24 Hour Hot Line. For more detailed information or to activate your access, please call us.

Safe Deposit Boxes

What price can you place on peace of mind? Everyone needs a safe place to keep those irreplaceable documents.

Special offer for newly married couples (within 60 days).

Debit Card

With your Debit Card you have instant, electronic access to your funds day and night at most ATM machines. Use it to withdraw cash, transfer money between accounts and confirm balances. Our ATM's can be used at a variety of locations.

Our Debit Cards can be used at any merchant where VISA is accepted. You can make purchases with your card and the funds are withdrawn directly from your checking account. It's like writing a check without the hassle.

Drive-thru Banking

Its raining, its snowing, or maybe you are just too tired to get out of the car. Visit our convenient drive-thru banking and we will make your day that much better. If you brought your dog, we might even throw in a dog biscuit just for fun.

Night Depository

If you would like to make a deposit after hours, we have a night depository located at most of our banking facilities. It's a quick drop and your money is safe for the night. The next business day your deposit will be processed and a receipt will either be mailed or be ready for you to pick up.

Wire Transfers

When you need to get money quickly and safely to another city, our wire transfer service is just the right tool. It's easy-you can make a wire transfer just by stopping in and signing an authorization sheet. If we receive the information by 1:45 p.m., your wire can be sent anywhere in the U.S. that day.

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